General Information & Terms


Design & Proprietary Rights
Prince Seating’s policy is to promote innovative design and high quality craftsmanship. Our product line includes many original designs protected worldwide by patents and design registration. The proprietary rights to these items belong to the designer, the manufacturer, or Prince Seating. In cases where the rights of some designs have expired, we concentrate on their reproduction using the most advanced and approved production methods. These methods have been developed to meet the needs of the trade.

Product Information
Product information can be found on the website at, or in all of Prince Seating Catalogs. All dimensions and weights are to be considered overall and approximate. Prince Seating reserves the right to make adjustments in dimensions without prior notice. Finishes depicted on our website and catalog are approximate due to the variation inherent in color monitors and the processes of photography and printing.

We do our best to keep the information up-to-date and accurate at all times. However, we reserve the right to:

* Make minor changes to specifications, materials and design during the production phase.
* Discontinue items without prior notice.

Quotations for future business are binding only if made by Prince Seating Office and must be received on official company quotation form. No agent, representative or a sales person affiliated with Prince Seating is authorized to change prices, terms or conditions of sale.

We packed most side chairs 2/carton, arm chairs and barstools 1/carton. We reserve the right to stack and shrink-wrap shipments depending on model, trucker and destination.

Flammability Specifications for all our vinyl and fabrics are clearly marked on our swatch cards. It is the buyers responsibility to inform the company if additional specifications or standards are required.

All upholstered backs on chairs and stools are installed with pins driven through the upholstery on the from side of the panel. To lessen notice ability of these pinholes, we recommend expanded patterned vinyl or fabrics rather than solid vinyl upholstery. PRINCE SEATING CORP. assumes no responsibility for backs made with any upholstery other than those we recommend.

Examinations of the structural joints, corner blocks, welds, and nuts and bolts should be tightened periodically to insure durability of products. If any defects are found, the products should be taken out of service. Chairs and stools are to be used for sitting only and for no other purpose.

All steel, aluminum and wood products are based on the structure or frame only. Prince Seating wood products are guaranteed to be free from defects and are protected against defects in material and workmanship for up to 5 years.
Prince Seating steel and aluminum products are warranted for up to 12 years. Imported products have a 2 year warranty. This warranty does not apply to any product, which has been repaired by anyone other than the manufacturer without authorization.

This warranty does not cover:

* Wear and tear
* Upholstery materials either supplied by Prince Seating or the purchaser
* Laminate – subject to warranty of the laminate company
* Damage or injury caused by:

o unreasonable or abusive use
o failure to provide necessary reasonable care
o failure to follow maintenance guidelines
o accident, tampering or negligence
o unauthorized repairs
o after market changes to the product

Periodic maintenance is necessary. Products should be inspected at least once a month for damage or signs of structural fatigue incurred in daily handling in addition to receiving regular cleaning & maintenance (i.e. screws and bolts should be tightened, foot caps and glides replaced regularly). If a defect is found, take the item out of service immediately and contact Prince Seating, Ltd. All warranty, both expressed and implied, shall be invalid if proper care and maintenance procedures are not followed.

Coats and other articles should not be hung on the back of chairs. This practice may cause chairs to be unstable. Do not stand on any products. Chairs are not designed to be placed seat down on table surfaces. Chairs stored in this manner are unstable. The shock of chairs falling from table tops may compromise the structural integrity of the shell/base attachment. This damage is not covered under Prince Seating’s warranty.

Should a defect occur, Prince Seating will repair or replace at our option defective goods free of charge provided the product is returned to us promptly, as directed, prepaid, and with an RMA number. All costs for labor, furniture installation, removal from service and reinstallation due to warranty claims are the responsibility of the customer. Prince Seating, Ltd. will not be liable for costs associated with any of the above conditions.

Under no circumstances shall Prince Seating’s warranty exceed the original price paid for the merchandise.

No reimbursements for repairs made in the field will be allowed without prior written consent.

Variations in colors, grain or texture beyond reasonable commercial match are not warranted due to natural characteristics of the materials used. If the item’s useful life expires, it must be handled as waste. This means it must be handed over to a licensed facility for disposal (such as a waste collection facility).

No other warranty expressed or implied.


All Initial Orders, C.I.A, or Proforma
Requires a 50% deposit to process the order. Balance must be paid ten days prior to shipping.

All orders shipped on a C.O.D. basis must be paid with a BANK CHECK unless otherwise specified

NET 30
Due within thirty days of the date of invoice. Credit will be established based on trade references after initial order. Please submit credit application prior to your third order

PRINCE SEATING CORP. accepts phone orders as a service to our customers. A purchase order marked CONFIRMATION must follow immediately via mail or fax. Phone orders will not be processed before receipt of confirmation. Alternatively, Prince Seating can send you an order confirmation to sign and fax back.

Our published pricelist reflects listing pricing. Please call for resale account discount structure. All prices are calculated on a COM basis (customer’s own material) or up to a standard grade 3 vinyl or fabric. If you select a grade higher then 3, as a close estimate, you must add to our list prices for each additional grade, seat only $7.00, seat and back $14.00 (front only), seat and back $21.00 (front and back of seat back). Call for price verification due to style variation. Please call for pricing on non-standard upholstery ie, additional piping, tufting, etc.

All tax exempt organization and/or dealers and distributors must submit and Exempt/Resale Tax ID certificate for our records. Sales tax will be collected as required by law if your Resale Certificate number is not on file.

Orders will only be scheduled for production after receipt of your material. Material is applied entirely at customer’s own risk. There may be a surcharge for handling and upholstery application. Although each chair or barstool will require slightly different yardage depending on chair style, pattern repeat etc. as a general rule we require 1/2 yard /seat, 1/2 yard /back (front only). For fully upholstered version please call to confirm required yardage.

All prices are F.O.B. Factory shipped freight collect (unless other specified) via common carriers that extend a substantial discount to our company. If you require a specific carrier, you must send your request in writing via mail or fax. Please include your name and phone number for verification. Upon arrival of merchandise, please inspect all items for freight damages. Any damages should be reported immediately to the freight carrier. If you request shipment via United Parcel Service, you will assume responsibility of damaged merchandise and filing claims.

PRINCE SEATING CORP. reserves the right to make changes at any time without prior notice in the prices, colors, materials, equipment specification, parts or equipment, without incurring any obligation to make revisions on products built prior to date of such change.